4-27 – Bent Arm Strength/Conditioning

Today’s CarboLoad Training (Total Time – 50 minutes)

10 min AMRAP
10 Sit-ups
20 Walking Lunges (light weight)
10 Two Arm Curl to Overhead Press (moderate)

Rest 5 minutes

18 min EMOM
Even Minutes – 8-12 Burpees
Odd Minutes – 8-12 DB Power Cleans (moderate)

Rest 5 minutes

12 minute AMRAP
10 DB/KB Goblet Squats (moderate)
10 DB/KB Swings (moderate)
10 Bent Over Rows

EMOM 3 Burpees (At the top of each minute (and at the start of the workout), perform 3 burpees, and then get back into the work)


AMRAP – As many rounds as possible. Set the clock for the prescribed time and then cycle through the movements until the time elapses. Or you die. Whichever comes first

EMOM – Every minute on the minute. Perform the prescribed work at the top of each minute, and then rest for the remainder of the minute once the work has been completed. In the 18 min EMOM, you would perform 8-12 burpees at the start of the first minute. Once you complete the Burpees, you then rest for the remainder of the minute until the top of the next minute, where you would perform your DB Power Cleans.  For this EMOM, you want to choose a number that requires you to work for at least 30 seconds of each minute

Movement Videos

Walking Lunges

Curl to Overhead Press

DB Power Clean

Goblet Squat (DB)

DB Swings


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