4/28 – Lower Body/Pressing/Core

Today’s CarboLoad Training

10 min AMRAP
10 Air Squat
10 Sit Ups
10 Push-Up to Down Dog (Scale to Plank to Downdog if unable to do Push-Ups)

rest 5min.

15min. AMRAP:
10 Walking Lunges (Moderate Load)
10 Burpee
10 Goblet Squats (Same Load)
10 V-Ups

rest 10min.

10min EMOM 

Even Minutes – 40 Second Plank Hold
Odd Minutes – 30 Heel Touches

10min. Stretch and Cool Down

Movement Demo

Push-Up to Down Dog

V-Ups (and scales)

Heel Touches

4-27 – Bent Arm Strength/Conditioning

Today’s CarboLoad Training (Total Time – 50 minutes)

10 min AMRAP
10 Sit-ups
20 Walking Lunges (light weight)
10 Two Arm Curl to Overhead Press (moderate)

Rest 5 minutes

18 min EMOM
Even Minutes – 8-12 Burpees
Odd Minutes – 8-12 DB Power Cleans (moderate)

Rest 5 minutes

12 minute AMRAP
10 DB/KB Goblet Squats (moderate)
10 DB/KB Swings (moderate)
10 Bent Over Rows

EMOM 3 Burpees (At the top of each minute (and at the start of the workout), perform 3 burpees, and then get back into the work)


AMRAP – As many rounds as possible. Set the clock for the prescribed time and then cycle through the movements until the time elapses. Or you die. Whichever comes first

EMOM – Every minute on the minute. Perform the prescribed work at the top of each minute, and then rest for the remainder of the minute once the work has been completed. In the 18 min EMOM, you would perform 8-12 burpees at the start of the first minute. Once you complete the Burpees, you then rest for the remainder of the minute until the top of the next minute, where you would perform your DB Power Cleans.  For this EMOM, you want to choose a number that requires you to work for at least 30 seconds of each minute

Movement Videos

Walking Lunges

Curl to Overhead Press

DB Power Clean

Goblet Squat (DB)

DB Swings

Why CarboLoad Training

CarboLoad Training is a free fitness regimen that is designed for athletes of all ability levels.  As a psychotherapist, I am acutely aware of the connection between physical fitness and mental well-being, and yet I find that many of my clients are not engaged in any sort of physical fitness regimen.  When I inquire as to why not, I typically hear one of the following:

1.)  I don’t have time

2.) It’s too expensive

3.) I don’t know how to work out

4.)  I’m not in good enough shape to start working out

The CarboLoad training plan is designed to address all four of these common impediments to beginning a fitness regimen.

1.) I don’t have time – Each CarboLoad training session is designed to last exactly one hour, from warm-up to cool down.  If you cut down on the prescribed rest periods, most of the workouts can be completed in around 45 minutes.

2.) It’s too expensive – This I can understand.  Fitness has become egregiously expensive.  I live in Boston, and a single class at a boutique fitness studio like Barry’s Bootcamp or Flywheel is about $30.00.  This renders these places largely inaccessible to the vast majority of the population.  I believe that quality programming should be universally accessible, so CarboLoad Training is completely FREE.  Simply head to the blog each day to view the workout and corresponding instructional videos and you can go from there.

3.) I don’t know how to work out – Each CarboLoad training session contains instructional movement videos and detailed notes in an effort to make working out as simple as possible.

4.) I’m not in good enough shape to start working out – CarboLoad training is designed for athletes of all ability levels.  Each workout includes a number of different scaling options so that they are accessible to both the seasoned athlete and the individual who is working out for the very first time.

CarboLoad training is specifically designed to remove any potential obstacles that you might have for working out and get you moving.  Follow today and get quality, accessible workouts delivered to your inbox every day!!

Upper Body Press/Pull

Today’s CarboLoad Training

15min. Clock (Move at 70% of Max Capacity Throughout)
20 Mountain Climbers
:20sec. Right Arm Plank
:20sec. Left Arm Plank
20 Alternating Dumbbell Strict Press (unbroken)

rest 5 minutes

15min. AMRAP:
10 DB Power Cleans (Moderate Load)
20 Calorie Row (If you don’t have a rower, set up two cones approximately 25 feet apart and run 5 shuttle sprints [down and back is one]

rest 5 minutes

10min. AMRAP:
5 Strict Pull-Ups (Sub-Ring Rows or Other appropriate scale)
7 DB Bent Over Rows (Moderate Load)
9 DB Walking Lunges (Same Load as Rows)

Movement Videos

Mountain Climbers

Right Arm/Left Arm Plank (with scales)

Alternating DB Strict Press

DB Power Clean

Pull-Up Scales

DB Bent Over Rows

DB Walking Lunges


Today’s CarboLoad Training

15min. EMOTM:
(EMOM = Every minute on the Minute, At the top of the first minute, row/bike or jump rope for the entirety of the minute), At the top of the second minute – perform 15 air squats and rest for the remainder of the minute, At the top of the third minute, perform 15 Burpees and rest for the remainder of the minute, Repeat)

Minute 1: Row/Bike/Jump Rope (Easy)
Minute 2: 15 Air Squats (Focus on Form)
Minute 3: 10 Burpees

Rest 5 minutes

12min. AMRAP
(AMRAP = As many reps as possible. Cycle through 20 WallBalls and 20 Push-Ups for 12 straight minutes)
20 WallBalls (20/14#)
20 Push Ups

Rest 5 minutes

10min. EMOTM:
Even: :30-:60sec. Plank
Odd: 10 Deadlift (Moderate Load or Kettlebell)

Movement Demos:

Air Squat


Wall Balls:

If you don’t have a wallball, DB Thrusters will suffice, or even Air Squats

Plank Hold

KB Deadlift