Traveling Crossfitter Must do Bar Muscle Up Before Class To Establish Dominance


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Every day, Crossfit boxes across the country welcome traveling (or displaced) Crossfitters for drop-in classes. Typically these drop-ins go off without a hitch, however a recent phenomena with regard to drop-ins has some coaches worried.

Increasingly, coaches are noticing that there seems to be an unyielding need for visiting Crossfitters to display their Crossfit prowess at the new box by performing a bar or ring muscle-up within a few minutes of entering the gym.

Says Coach Bryan of Crossfit Jeffries Point, “This behavior seems to be escalating. I had a Drop-In the other day who hadn’t even signed a waiver yet and the next thing I know he is flailing around on the rig trying to get his bar muscle up.”

Says Ryan, who drops in to other boxes frequently says, “It is the equivalent of a dog peeing on a hydrant to mark their territory. I need everyone at the box to know that despite being a mediocre Crossfitter and having a ton of movement deficiencies, at least I have one high skill movement down. This is essentially me marking my territory.”

This behavior has some coaches reconsidering their drop-in policy. Says Bryan, “We actually added a clause to our waiver that prohibits drop-ins from performing any movements other than those prescribed for the day. Just the other day I had to bat a jump rope out of a drop-ins hand who was practicing double unders. It’s all about protecting the integrity of the gym, and these show-offs really threaten that.”

We will continue to keep an eye on this developing phenomena.

Workout 8-11-2017




DB Complex

5 Sets of the Following (Do not put the dumbbells down)
10 DB Deadlifts
8 DB Front Squats
6 DB Push Press

Rest 5 minutes

10 Rounds for Time
Run 200m
10 Burpees

Rest 10 minutes

4 Rounds Not For Time
:30 side plank hold (Right Side)
:30 side plank hold (Left Side)
1 minute front plank hold

Rest as needed between sets


Strength Circuit

Grab a pair of moderate DB’s and perform 10 Reps of Each movement
Repeat for a Total of 3 Rounds
Rest 1 minute between rounds
Try to hold onto the DB’s and transition right into the next movement without putting them down. You can put them down while resting.

DB Front Racked Squats
DB Front Racked Backward Lunges
DB Hammer Curls
DB Military Press
DB Lateral Raises

Rest 10 minutes

12min AMRAP
As many Reps as Possible In 10 Minute

5 Burpees
10 Push-Ups
15 Air Squats